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Commercial real estate, whether office or retail, has it’s distinguishing features, making no two buildings alike.


When looking to purchase a commercial property, whether to occupy or as investment, there are many factors to be considered, making the search process difficult and tedious. This is where a professional comes into play, experience and market knowledge will make allow for better-informed decisions.


Selling a commercial property is no simple feat, it takes a specific buyer with a particular vision that will offer the premium value for the property. With that it takes a professional who will identify the type of buyers that will be best suited to acquire the property in order to have an efficient transaction.

For acquisitions and dispositions of commercial real estate, our team is there to evaluate opportunities and provide results. Through our network we are able to locate the exact property that best suits a purchaser's needs, and when representing the vendor we are able to source the ideal purchaser for the property.

Factors to keep in mind:

  • Financial performance of the property
  • Potential for increase in revenues
  • Quality of tenants
  • Lease durations and details
  • Economy in the sector
  • Future projects for the sector (municipal plans for development)
  • Condition of the property
  • Anticipated future repairs
  • Demographics of the area
  • Exit strategy (re-sale value)


Landlord representation:

When it comes to leasing space, our team is there to help. We are able to judge a particular space, based on many factors, which then lead us to target and solicit the ideal tenant. This process of direct targeted solicitation has led us to accelerated success rates in finding quality tenants. Once a potential tenant is brought to the table, a background check is performed and then a lawyer is brought in to review lease details in order to ensure no unforeseen disputes arise in the future.

Tenant representation:

When looking to lease space in the Greater Montreal Region, our team is well versed and ready to help. Through our vast network of landlords we are able to quickly locate several options based on search criteria. It is without a doubt we will be able to find the best suited space in a timely manner. We are there every step of the way to ensure a seamless leasing transaction.